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Welcome to Your Studio
Available for hourly rental by beginners, enthusiasts and professionals alike.  Any one
of our 1000 sq. ft. studios are available almost any hour of the day at very reasonable rates. 
Additionally we have amassed a decent array of props, sets and backdrops for you, and
will continue to do so. 

Renting a professional studio rather than owning is fast becoming a wise business decision. 
If you think about it. Equipment repair / maintenance, inventory, insurance, utilities and the
costs involved with property leases all rapidly add up and become very costly, very fast. 
Unless you can keep your owned studio extremely busy it will be tough to maintain.


This is where we come in. 
As a professional photographer of over 30 years with half dozen studios over my shoulder, there is a good understanding of what a studio needs.  There's a respectable array of backdrops, both muslin and paper on our motorized delivery system.  There are various stools, chairs, and chase lounges.  There's a collection of props that include a pool table, a gym set, a baby grand piano and more.  There are G5 work stations and FREE T-1 internet access included as part of normal rental.

We offer a convenient and simple to use online scheduler with email confirmation and reminders.  This is the link below.  Give it a try, we are certain that, as with those who have used our facilities, you too will be pleased.  You too will see this to be a sound business decision.

Book Studio - Click Here

Rental Rates:   (As of February1, 2010)
Our studios and rates are based on 1000 sq.ft. of usage.  Wardrobe/Make-Up, waiting/reception areas are included at no additional charge.  There is a 15 minute set-up and a 15 minute tear-down period that is also included at no charge.

          Weekdays (9am - 5pm)        $30.00 per hour
          Weekdays (5pm - 10pm)      $35.00 per hour
          Weekends (10am - 10pm)    $40.00 per hour

Discounts are available for multiple day bookings.  Lease terms are also available.  Additionally, ask us about equipment storage opportunities available soon.

Reservations are booked online and require a 50% deposit via PayPal.  Cancelations or reschedules with a 72 hour notice will be credited 50% of deposit towards future bookings.  Deposits on cancelations within 72 hour notice will not be refunded.


Studio strobe lighting rigs, in 2, 3 and 4 light configurations are available at  $10 per hour.  Equipment rentals require $100 refundable security deposit.

Background papers used and undamaged are available at no charge.  Paper that is used and damaged will be charged at a rate of $3.00 per liner foot.

For More Information Call 650-720-1768

If you do not see what you are looking for on this page, please let us know. We will try to find what you need as quickly as possible.